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UNSW degree
UNSW degree

The University of New South Wales (UNSW) is one of the world’s leading research institutions in Australia. Founded in 1949, its main campus is located in Sydney, the capital of New South Wales.

UNSW is a member of the Group of Eight and a member of three internationally renowned research university consortia: the Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU), the GlobalTech Consortium, and Universitas 21. Among the many disciplines, UNSW is known for its engineering and business disciplines, and its School of Business and School of Engineering are both ranked first in Australia in terms of overall strength. UNSW degree certificate, The School of Engineering is ranked 27th in the world, alongside Princeton University, and in 2014 UNSW became the Australian university with the most millionaire alumni, UNSW education degree, ranking 33rd in the world for the number of millionaire alumni.

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Most of the CEOs of the top 200 companies on the Australian Stock Exchange in terms of market capitalization graduated from UNSW. UNSW degree with distinction, Due to UNSW’s location in Sydney, the largest city in the southern hemisphere, the headquarters of many Fortune 500 companies, and UNSW’s close collaboration with many companies, UNSW graduates have many employment options. UNSW master degree, As a result, UNSW has one of the highest admission scores in the region and is the most sought-after university for students. UNSW law degree, For many years, it has been ranked in the top 10 universities in Asia Pacific by Asia Week.

UNSW’s motto is Scientia Manu et Mente (Latin for “Knowledge by Hand and Mind”), reflecting the university’s dedication to the advancement of scientific and technological research and the spirit of practice.

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