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NSCC degree
NSCC degree

Nova Scotia Community College, known as NSCC, was established in 1988 with 12 campuses located throughout Nova Scotia. Buy NSCC degree, In 2003, the Nova Scotia government made a one-time investment of $123 million to renovate NSCC’s facilities. A new campus will be opened in Dartmouth in January 2007.

Compared to university programs, the post-secondary curriculum focuses on practical skills development and is practical and job market-oriented. As a publicly funded institution of higher learning, NSCC has a very low percentage of international students, and no Chinese students are currently enrolled. NSCC business degree, International students who graduate from NSCC are treated like university graduates and can stay in Canada for two years, which is a very wise choice for students who plan to immigrate. NSCC bachelor’s degree, For students who wish to continue their education, fake NSCC degree maker, NSCC has transfer credit agreements with many leading Canadian and American universities.

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NSCC’s programs are mostly two-year, full-time programs: NSCC has five professional schools: College of Adult Education, College of Applied Arts and New Media, College of Business, College of Health and Human Services, and College of Career and Technology.

NSCC offers over 100 career-oriented certificate, diploma, and advanced diploma programs for students to choose from, including Business Administration, Accounting, Finance, and Information Technology (IT), buy fake NSCC degree, as well as clinical nursing (Practical Nursing), and planning (Planned Care), which currently have a large job market in Canada. NSCC master’s degree, NSCC has transfer credit agreements with many Canadian universities to facilitate further study for international students.

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