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EAH Jena diploma
EAH Jena diploma

The University of Applied Sciences Jena, formerly an optical research institute founded in the 16th century, became the University of Jena and was established in 1991 as a joint venture between the University of Jena and the State of Thuringia. EAH Jena diploma, The university is located in Jena, Thuringia, Germany, and is a young public university.

The strengths of the University of Applied Sciences Jena are optics, and related physics, including some high-tech subjects in the field of materials science. EAH Jena diploma replacement, The university consists of eight faculties: Faculty of Business Economics, Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology, Faculty of Basic Sciences, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Medicine and Biotechnology, Faculty of Science and Technology-Precision-Optics-Materials-Environment, Faculty of Sociology, and Faculty of Economics and Engineering.

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The University of Applied Sciences Jena offers more than 40 undergraduate and master programs in optometry, bioengineering, business management, electrical engineering/automation engineering, precision instrumentation engineering, communication and media technology, laser and optical technology, mechanical engineering, mechatronics, medical engineering, nursing and nursing management, buy EAH Jena diploma online, optoelectronics and semiconductor technology, physical engineering, environmental protection with process integration, sociology, applied computer science, materials engineering, economic engineering, general management, scientific soundtrack theory, social welfare work, and systems design. buy a fake EAH Jena diploma, Popular fields of study are precision instrumentation engineering, physical engineering, materials engineering, and social welfare work.

The University of Applied Sciences Jena cooperates with more than 400 high-tech companies from all over the world, such as Olympus, Carl Zeiss, Jenoptik AG, Schott JENA Glas AG, Analytik Agt Interxhop AG, and other companies specializing in bioengineering and information technology. fake EAH Jena diploma maker, Students have a strong practical application ability through their studies.

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