How to get a Greek passport? buy biometric passport online

Greek passport
Greek passport

The Greek passport has a strong position, ranking sixth in the world in the passport index. buy Greek passport online, Guests who are permanent immigrants can enjoy additional benefits if they naturalize in Greece. Greek passport index sixth in the world Recently, HenleyPartners, a large British consulting firm, released the 2019 Hentai Passport Index table, which shows that Greek passports are visa-free in 184 countries worldwide, linked to Canada, Ireland, and other countries in sixth place According to the NATA, the global passport list proves the high gold content of the Greek passport.

Second, what are the benefits of moving to Greece? 1. EU member states are free to immigrate as EU member states, and Greek passport holders can work, live, settle, and study freely in EU member states and enjoy the same treatment as local countries.

How to get a Greek passport online?

If you want to immigrate to other countries in the EU, the Greek passport is also a good foothold. get a Greek passport.

2、Greece enjoys high-quality local public education Greece not only has a deep cultural heritage but also a very complete education system with very high quality, which can be divided into two types of public and private schools. buy a Greek passport, Public schools can provide 12 years of free and compulsory education, Canada branch, the United Kingdom, and other countries will set up many private schools with teachers and qualified.

3、Strong medical services The Greek government invests huge amounts of money into medical institutions every year, and the medical system covers the whole of Greece. As a member of the European Union, even if you have Greek health insurance, you can also get proper medical services within the EU.

4. Perfect social security The Greek social welfare system has been established, including special benefits for young children, the unemployed, pregnant women, widows, the elderly, sick leave, social insurance, and retirement, and a wide range of other benefits covering all aspects from birth to old age.

III. Greece Immigration

1 . Greek immigrant applicants must be at least 18 years old.

2 . Immigrant applicants who purchase a home in Greece have not been incarcerated for more than 6 months within the 10 years prior to the filing of the naturalization application.

3 . Immigrant applicants to Greece must not have a deportation record.

4. Greek immigrant applicants must have lived in Greece for at least 7 years continuously (at least 180 days per year) prior to filing the naturalization application.

5. Immigrant Greek applicants must have 5 years of permanent residence in Greece.

6. Greek immigration can also be considered a shortcut to Europe.

If you want to enjoy the Mediterranean food, and beautiful scenery, breathe healthy air, and let your children receive a good local education, Greece is a wise choice to buy immigrants.

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