Where can I buy a real Lithuanian passport document online?

Lithuanian passport
Lithuanian passport

Lithuanian passports are valid for ten years from the date of issue for adult citizens over 16 years of age. Buy a Lithuanian passport, For people under 16 years of age, Lithuanian passports are valid for five years, while for younger people, they are valid for two years only.

According to the VisaGuide Passport Index, as of March 2023, Lithuanian passports are ranked 30th in the world. buy Lithuanian passport online, This means that Lithuanian passport holders can travel visa-free to a total of 148 countries in the world. Only 31 countries in the world require a traditional visa. Lithuanian passport for sale, Swedish authorities are trying to bring more qualified foreigners into the country to combat labor shortages, so the country has decided to tighten the conditions for labor migration and focus instead on qualified labor migrants.

How to get a Lithuanian passport online?

Lithuania’s Ministry of Migration announced that starting Tuesday, April 11, Lithuanians will be able to obtain a passport again within five working days. buy real Lithuanian passport, In a statement issued on April 6, the department stressed that such services have not been available for a long time due to global supply chain disruptions. How powerful is Lithuanian passport? As a result, this situation does not ensure an adequate supply of passport forms or that passport issuance services will be delivered on time and within a few working days, which used to be the norm.

However, the supply of passport forms is now progressing well and as a result, the Immigration Department, in cooperation with the Individual Document Issuance Center (ADIC), will update the service of ordering, producing, and issuing passports within five working days. Can I get a Lithuanian passport? According to the department, the €57 national fee for passport applications remains unchanged. Data provided by ADIC shows that in the next few days, it is planned to accumulate the 145,000 forms needed to produce passports. Meanwhile, another 118,000 forms are expected to be submitted by the middle of next month.

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