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Buy scannable Slovenian passport online? Get a real passport

Slovenian passport
Slovenian passport

The Slovenian Immigration Legislative Assembly has implemented two ways to determine whether a foreigner can obtain Slovenian citizenship – naturalization, and repatriation. The standard procedure for registration is naturalization, which takes about 10 years and requires permanent residence in the country, as well as proficiency in the local language and cancellation of the current passport. Repatriation, by contrast, enables you to obtain a Slovenian passport in less than a year.

The Slovenian passport allows you to live legally in Europe, run your own business, study at any university in Europe, and study in the United States, Australia, Canada, and other countries. Slovenian passport for sale, The Slovenian passport offers all rights and opportunities to EU residents.

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In addition, the Republic of Slovenia gives the holder the right to participate in the political life of the country, i.e. in parliamentary and presidential elections and referendums.

You can also use your ID card as a Slovenian citizen when traveling within the country and in the EU. With the new EU ID card, you are entitled to a Slovenian documents. Your EU ID card, and your passport will be issued to you on the same day after your naturalization ceremony. Slovenia has always been open to people with potential. Many investors are also attracted by industries such as car manufacturing, metal processing, power generation, services, and IT.

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