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FIT degree
FIT degree

Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) is an internationally renowned fashion and art design school founded in 1944 as a public school, fake FIT degree, a college in the State University of New York system, but with a long history of partnerships with private companies.

New York Fashion Institute of Technology was rated the #1 fashion school in the country in 2018. fake FIT degree certificate, According to the latest CEOWORLD ranking list for 2019, FIT was ranked as the #1 fashion school in the world, surpassing Parsons School of Design and numerous branches of the London College of Art, including Central Saint Martins. Founder Mortimer C. Ritter wanted the school to be “a design school like MIT. FIT bachelor’s degree, Through its tireless efforts, FIT has become a prestigious institution with a rich history of success that has endured despite the impact of New York’s urban economy.

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In 1970, FIT was officially authorized to award Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science degrees. FIT associate degree, After decades of growth, FIT has graduated 11,000 students in more than 30 different fields.

FIT offers programs in more than 30 different fields, including fashion design, advertising design, computer animation and interactive media, fabric design, interior design, fashion photography, and fashion product management, with a small class size of approximately 10:1.

The New York Fashion Institute of Technology is located on Seventh Avenue in Manhattan, New York, USA. Seventh Avenue is also known as Fashion Avenue. The school is located near landmarks such as Koreatown, Madison Square Garden, and the famous Garment District of Manhattan. buy fake FIT degree, Many high-quality fabric stores are located in the Garment District (where 7th and 8th Avenues and 35th-39th Streets overlap), including Mood Fabric, which is often featured on Project Runway.

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