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A UK Tourist Visa is a document required for individuals or groups from other countries to travel to the UK for tourism. Fake UK VISA, It is applied for through the UK Visas & Immigration online application system.

Note: Children under 18 years of age:
1. Must have a notary certificate of birth and a notary certificate of kinship.
2. If only one parent is accompanying the child, a letter of consent from the other parent (preferably a notarized certificate of consent) is required for the trip.
3、Certificate of the expenses to be borne (English version) The UK Visa Center reserves the right to request additional information.

Latest News
From Monday 16 April 2012, all UK visa applications in China must be completed through the UK Border Agency’s online application system. UK tourist visa, Print the completed visa application form, and supporting documents, complete the biometric information collection, and pay the visa fee.

UK VISA sample
UK VISA sample

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What’s New
New measures introduced by the UK for visas in China include:
1. the eligibility for the Express Visa Service has been extended to include Tier 4 student visas, and among the categories of applications that meet the requirements of the Express Visa Service, applications that have previously been granted a Schengen visa can now also use the service.
2. a passport return service for business travelers and ADS travelers, which allows customers to keep their passports while their visas are being processed. UK work visa, This means that they can travel elsewhere or apply for another visa if needed, reducing the time it takes to apply for both visas.
3. Streamline the ADS process, including shorter online application forms and simplified requirements.
4. Two new Chinese versions of the visa guide for business visitors and ADS-authorized travel agents and their clients, describing the visa steps.
5. The establishment of a Business Network in China with the dedicated staff at the Embassy to assist business people with their visa needs for travel to the UK.
6. an in-home biometric information collection service that allows applicants to have their biometric information collected at a location that is more convenient for them, UK spouse visa, rather than having to visit a visa application center
7. Improvements to the online application process, including the provision of optional online payments and Chinese-translated application forms.
8. The UK Border Agency has published a new guide for independent Chinese travelers applying for a general UK tourist visa to visit the UK. UK skilled worker visa, This simplified guide provides clear step-by-step instructions for completing the online application form, making an appointment, visiting a UK visa application center, and the supporting documents required.
9. From 1 July 2015, Chinese visitors will be able to submit their visa applications for the UK and Belgium in one visit to the UK Visa Application Centres in Beijing, Guangzhou, and Shanghai.

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