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Buy fake UCC transcript, University of Cape Coast transcript

UCC transcript
UCC transcript

Founded in 1962 with only 155 students, the University of Cape Coast began its existence with a special relationship with the University of Ghana. fake UCC transcript, in 1971, it became an independent university and began issuing its own diplomas. Currently, the university has 16,000 full-time registered students and 21,000 part-time students.

The university has eight faculties and three institutes. UCC official transcript, According to the university, it is currently ranked 91st in the African region. The University of Cape Coast’s School of Education is the best and most student-attended program in Ghana, training mainly junior and senior high school teachers for the country, but there are also students who graduate and pursue other careers. UCC transcripts online, And the Arts program has the greatest reputation in Ghana.

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The University of Cape Coast School of Medicine has seven departments, 250 students, a six-year program, and an annual tuition of about $1,200, compared to $200-$500 for other majors. Also the school’s physical education program, with 232 students, and graduates mainly work as primary and secondary school teachers or club coaches, etc.

The University of Cape Coast covers a large area with a lush campus of trees, which is more modern than the University of Ghana. buy a fake UCC transcript, There are dormitories for 7,000 students and another 250 residences for teachers. UCC academic transcript, There are cafeterias scattered throughout the campus to provide food for students close to their homes, the smallest of which can only accommodate about 30 people at a time, each of which is open to students and teachers at a cost of 3-15 cedis ($0.80-$3.50) per meal.

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